Rates for Meals & Accomodations

Rates for Meals & Accomodations

There are several options for meals and accommodations at the Field Campus. You may opt to use our tents, bring your own tent or stay off campus (see list of off-campus accommodations). We provide co-ed outdoor showers as well as gender specific bathrooms and showers in the main hall. A washroom for all campers is available and the use of many (not all) of our tents includes a bed. If you stay ON campus, whether in our tents, or your tent or vehicle, you will be required to sign up for the meal service (more detailed information is outlined below). If you stay off campus in outside accommodations or campsites, you have the option to sign up for meals or to cook off campus.


NOTE:  You may opt for either a full meal plan or dinners-only if you are staying off campus.

Staying at the Field Campus ~ Our Tents

We provide double sized tents on wooden platforms sprinkled throughout the campus.  You will most likely share a tent to due to the number of students on campus. But feel free to request your tent-mate! Arriving on campus early on your arrival day (after noon) will give you early pick of a tent and location.  All tents have a rain fly covering for extra protection from weather and to provide warmth. Many of the platforms or surrounding area have room to hold a lawn chair, if you care to bring one. Most of the tents have cots with mattresses, some only have mattresses. Be sure to bring your own pillows, linens & sleeping bag as well as a camping mattress should you need one.

At each end of the campus are toilets, sinks and showers open to all genders.  The showers are private open air stalls ~ many report that a hot shower under the pines or the stars is a highlight of their day!

There are additional bathrooms and showers, men’s and women’s, in the lower level of the dining hall. You will find cubbies to store your toiletries for the time you are in residence. Don’t forget your towels, bath mat and something to carry everything!

We recommend bringing a good sleeping bag and warm sleeping clothes as the nights can be quite chilly. Mornings are especially chilly, so a robe or down jacket and hat will be appreciated. Useful to have at night are a headlamp or other battery-operated light. Your things can be packed in a sturdy box which can double as a bedside table or a place to store things while you are in camp.

Extras to make your tent cozy are a rug or two, a lounge chair, and a pee bucket with lid so you don’t have to make a trip in the middle of the night (just empty into the toilet in the morning). Feel free to bring whatever makes you comfortable while camping!

We encourage you to come a day before your class begins, to acclimate to the altitude. Students often enjoy staying a day or so after their classes as well.

Staying at the Field Campus ~ Your Tent or Vehicle

You are welcome to bring your own tent, RV or van, and camp on site, with full use of the facilities. You will still be required to sign up for our meal plan. We encourage you to come a day before your class begins, to acclimate to the altitude. Students often enjoy staying a day or so after their classes as well.

Our Meals

While at the Field Campus, you will be required to sign up for our meal service in advance, unless you are staying off campus, in which case the meal plan is optional.  We are proud of our chef, our kitchen staff and the quality of the food we serve. Two hot meals, breakfast and dinner with a salad bar is provided.  Lunch fixings are laid out during breakfast for you to craft your own sandwich. It is useful to bring a sandwich container to re-use each day. Chef Alfred is happy to accommodate your special dietary needs while you stay. Be sure to note special needs on your Tent & Meal Reservation form ~ the kitchen needs to know your allergies in advance.

The dining hall has a double refrigerator with some space for you to store snack items during your stay.  There is shelf space for dry goods. If you are bringing food to store, please make sure it is labeled clearly with your name.  We also ask that you remember to remove all of your food when you leave.

NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN TENTS! We have black bears moving through the campus occasionally.  If there is no food in your tent, they will move on. It probably isn’t a good idea to leave food in your RV or car either.

Breakfast is served from 7 - 7:30 am and lunch fixings are available until 8 am. Dinner is served @ 6 pm, unless otherwise notified.

Internet & Cell Service

There is no cell service currently at the Field Campus, or in Bassetts or in Sierra City.  To receive cell service, drive 6+ miles up Hwy 49 until you come into view of Sierra Valley. There is a large turnout at that spot where your phone will come to life.

We have limited internet on site. We ask that once you park your car in our lot, you turn your phone either to ‘airplane’ mode or turn it completely off.  This keeps your phone from using our precious data to download automatic updates, and will save your battery from searching for service. No one will be allowed to upload or download media while at campus. Occasionally we will have to shut the internet completely down when our data usage goes over the limit!  Please help us by limiting your usage to only what is necessary. Checking your email uses very little data.

Have questions?  Email us! snfc@sfsu.edu

Directors cabin phone :  You may provide this number to your family for emergency use only.  530.862.1230

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