Scholarship Information

There are two ways to assist in paying for your class or workshop and your stay at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus:

1. SF State Scholarships are available to any matriculated SFSU student enrolled in CEL credit classes.  To learn more about the requirements and to qualify, check back here to find updated information. These scholarships are still being developed, possibly available if our program can open again in 2022.


2. Thanks to the generous donations from its members, The Friends of SNFC is excited to offer 6 scholarships of up to $500 in 2022 to support any student, matriculated or not, for whom tuition plus room and board would impose a financial hardship. Our scholarships can be applied to any classes or workshops at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, and cover the cost of tuition, room and board up to a total of $500. Scholarships are limited: one per person, and only to those who have not received our scholarships in the past. There are two steps to apply:

A. You must first register and pay for the class.

B. Send an email titled “SNFC Scholarship” to Jim Steele at, indicating your interest in a scholarship and identifying the class in which you enrolled, and how much you are applying for. Be sure to include your contact information: name, phone number, and email address.

Application deadline is May 30, 2022.  The winners will be chosen randomly from a pool of all registered applicants. Jim Steele will notify all winners at least  2 weeks before their class begins, except for the early June classes. Lastly, a board member from the Friends of SNFC will meet you at SNFC on the first day of your class and award you a $500 reimbursement check.

Please NOTE:  If your enrollment was contingent upon receiving a scholarship, but you were not lucky, you may cancel your registration and receive a refund in accordance with the SNFC cancellation policyGood luck!