Wish List

Ah, the need is great.  But we can dream and wish!

Financial contributions may be made through CASHNET (top right link) to SF State University,

or through the Friends of the SNFC (no processing fee is taken, all funds go to SNFC support)

Any angels out there?  Naming opportunities abound. 

Here is the list:

  • New staff cabin roof ~ DONE! Thank  you, Friends of the SNFC
  • Women's bathroom remodel ~ DONE! Thank you, Friends of SNFC
  • Men's bathroom upgrade ~ in process!
  • New outside dining deck off of dining hall
  • Shore up back dining hall wall for snow protection (ongoing)
  • New tent platforms
  • New instructor sleeping cabin
  • Volunteers
  • ADA compliance bathrooms on site
  • New classroom space
  • Campus interpretive signs, natural history collection, library
  • New false floor (repair) downstairs to put lab space and bathrooms all on same level ~ in process!
  • Replacement or/reconstruction of inside stairway
  • A refrigerated salad bar with sneeze guard
  • An exterior elevator, or dumbwaiter for kitchen staff
  • Complete remodel of downstairs instruction space, including   
  •       good lighting, laboratory features, 3-6 fully winterized rooms
  • More robust wi-fi access
  • A backup generator
  • New vehicles (replacement and/or additional)
  • Bridge replacement