Registration for CEL Credit Courses

CEL Registration will be available on April 23, 2019

If you wish to reserve a space in a CEL class prior to April, you may fill out a Reservation Form and use Cashnet at the bottom of the form to pay for your tent and meals now.  Be sure to submit the form by pressing the "submit" button at the bottom after paying for your tent & meals. This will put you on our roster. You will NOT be enrolled until late April when you can complete the registration process with CEL, but you will have a space temporarily saved on our class lists.  Please email us @ if you have questions. Remember:  Permission Numbers are no longer required!

Please complete the following steps (1 - 5):

  • The following courses require registration through the College of Extended Learning. (If the class you want to sign up for is not listed here, you must follow the registration instructions through UCORP.)

  • Fungi of the Sierra Nevada

  • Biogeomorphology of Sierra Nevada Streams and Meadows

  • Butterflies of the Sierra Nevada

  • Flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada

  • Ecology & Conservation of California Bats

  • Practical Observational Astronomy in the Sierra Nevada

  • Insect Biology & Identification

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students that are NEW to  the San Francisco State University system must first become enrolled.  This LINK will help you through the process to receive a student number. Once you get it - SAVE it!

  • Be patient.

Register for the course through the College of Extended Learning (Enrollment begins April 24) by following these steps:

  1. You MUST register for courses by email, not by phone. After you email CEL Enrollment Services, they will enroll you and call you on the phone number that is on your student record with a confirmation of enrollment.

  2. After you receive that confirmation - follow the payment directions provided at and pay right away. Payment is due immediately upon confirmation that you have been enrolled.  You will need to take action by making payment online.

  3. DO NOT PAY for a CEL class using the UCORP forms. Go to UCORP to pay for tent & meals reservations ONLY. See # 6 .

  4. You may also opt to MAIL a check for the class, but you will need to inform the CEL staff who calls you with your enrollment approval.  If you need assistance, you can contact CEL Enrollment Services at 415-405-7700 x5. They are very helpful with this process! Hang in there, you are almost finished...Hours are Monday - Thursday 9am - 7 pm and Friday, 9am - 5pm.

  5. If you have not done this in advance:  After registration of the class is completed through CEL, you will need to reserve and pay for your accomodations and meals by completing all of the fields on the Reservation FormUse the form to calculate your costs for meals and accomodations ONLY and to pay. Remember to SUBMIT the form by using the button at the bottom of the form, thus completing the reservation process. Expect an email within 3 days to confirm that we received your reservation for tent & meals.

NOTE:  You may also follow CEL class Registration instructions by using this LINK which contains more detailed information about your student ID#, getting admission to the College (establishing yourself in the SF State system if you are new) and how to mail a check to CEL rather than using a credit card with online services. CEL will help you negotiate the system. Patience and perserverance really helps the process!


7. Finally, please bring the following two forms (filled out) with you to the Field Campus when you come to the class, or give to Director, JR Blair:

Field Trip Registration
Release of Liability


Optional Forms (PDF)

Request to Change Grading Option (for-credit courses only) You may fill out this form on campus or submit online using the link.

To view PDF files, you may download Adobe Reader.

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