Meals & Lodging

Meal Options

If you stay on campus, you must take our meal plan. We happily accomodate dietary restrictions with advance notice (on your reservation form). There is a limited amount of space for you to store some dry and refrigerated food items while at the Field Campus. NO food is allowed in tents due to bears in the area.

  • Option 1: Three meals per day = $44/day
  • Option 2: Purchase meals individually (arrival and departure days only)
    • Breakfast = $14/day
    • Lunch = $10/day
    • Dinner= $27/day
  • Eat in your own off campus accomodation





  • Option 1: Full onsite accommodations = $40/night
    • Use of 10' by 10' tent or 10' by 12' tent on a wooden platform
      (expect double occupancy in tents)
    • Mattresses on cots or on the floor with access to hot showers and washrooms
  • Option 2: Partial onsite accommodations = $20/night
    • Access to hot showers and washrooms
    • Bring your own tent or RV