Classes & Workshops

Sierra Nevada Field Campus offers both accredited classes and non-credit workshops.

You may sign up for an accredited class even if you do not wish to earn credits. Accredited classes are processed through the College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE). Non-credit workshops are handled by University Corporation.

Registration for Summer 2023 is open.

Note: If a workshop is full, please continue through the registration process and submit a completed registration form with your chosen workshop or class and your intended dates, lodging, and meal plan but do not submit payment at the last step. If you are admitted into the class, we will work with you to submit payment. 

2023 Workshops

Alpine Oil Painting en Plein Air (Aug 6-11)

Alpine Watermedia Painting en Plein Air (Aug 13-18)

Birding 101 (June 25-30)

Birds of the Sierra Nevada (June 9-14) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada (June 18-23)

Fly Fishing in the North Yuba Watershed (July 14-16)

Gathering Stones: Writing Poetry By The River (Aug 14-18)

Geology of the Haskell Peak - Sierra Buttes Area, Northern Sierra Nevada (July 9-14)

High-Country Writing Retreat (Aug 6-11) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Ice Age Glaciers of the Lakes Basin (July 2-4)

Invasive Natural Inks and Pigments of Northern CA (June 30-July 2)

Medicinal and Edible Wild Plants (July 27-30) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Monoprinting – Exploring Nature Through Shape and Texture (Aug 4-6)

Natural History of the Sierra Nevada (July 4-9) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Night Photography (July 16-21)

Pastels and Natural Light (July 23-28) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Perfecting Your Presentation: Fly Fishing in the North Yuba Watershed (July 21-23)

Play of Light and Shadows: Oil Painting in the Sierra (June 18-23)

Reptiles and Amphibians of the Sierra Nevada (Aug 7-11) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Rock, Wood, Water, Sky (June 25-30) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Sketching History in the Northern Sierra (June 18-23) 

Songwriting in the High Sierra (June 23-25)

Trees & Shrubs of Northern Sierra Nevada (June 23-25)

Wildflowers Along the Trail in your Watercolor Nature Journal (July 23-28) - Workshop FULL, Join Waitlist

Wildlife Sound Recording Workshop (June 10-17)

Woodblocks: Design, Carve and Print in the Field (Aug 11-13)

Wool Felt: Ancient Techniques for Modern Accoutrement (July 7-9)

2023 Accredited Classes

If you are a currently enrolled student at SF State and you are interested in any of these classes, please register here!

If you are not enrolled as an SFSU student, please choose the class you are interested in below.

ASTR 216: Practical Observational Astronomy in the Sierra Nevada (July 16-21) (1 unit)

BIOL 315: Butterflies and Moths of the Sierra Nevada (June 25-30) (1 unit)

BIOL 315: Ecology and Conservation of California Bats (July 16-21) (1 unit)

BIOL 315: Flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada (June 11-16) (1 unit)

BIOL 315: Fungi of the Sierra Nevada (June 4-9) (1 unit)

BIOL 315: Insect Biology and Identification (July 2-7) (1 unit)